Campus Safe Spaces

Diversity officials across the nation rush to provide safe harbours for disadvantaged peoples and allies in the turbulent wake of the Trumpening.

The Terror of Trumpocracy

Everything has changed for the worse. Expect the poor to be left starving in the streets. Expect women to have control of their bodies taken from them. Expect minorities to be rounded up and killed.

Michelle – Homerun 2020

Our last hope is Michelle Obama. Hussein Obama brought eight years of peace and prosperity. All that work has been destroyed by Trump. Support Michelle for President in 2020 and Make America Fair.

White Men Are Racist

Join with us to raise awareness. All white men embody and perpetuate institutional racism. Until white men are removed from society we can not have true diversity.

They called themselves communists.

They changed to socialist.

Then they became liberals.

And then they were progressives.

Today they call themselves social justice warriors.

And now they are in danger.
On November 7th, 2016 the social justice warriors were With Her.
On November 9th, 2016 the social justice warriors were enemies of the Nazi Republican dominated government.
The Trumpocracy has taken hold of America.

  • Already the concentration camps are being built.
  • Women, minorities and other disadvantaged peoples are being raped, imprisoned, discriminated against. Even being killed.
  • Studies have shown that since Trump was elected the number of black people killed with guns by white men has gone up over 200,000%.
  • Since Trump was elected 5 out of every 4 women have been raped by Trump supporters.
  • Trump supporters have already gone on a rampage against Muslims. Throwing Muslims from roof tops, cutting their heads off, and forcing Muslim women to undergo female circumcision.
  • Trump supporters are stoning Muslim women to death for not being virgins.
  • Trump supporters are publicly avowing their sexual attracted to thin women with long hair. They refuse to accept that all women are beautiful goddesses.

What can be done to save the social justice warriors?
We need look no further than the Paradise To The North.

Canada is a natural safe space for social justice warriors. Unlike the United States, Canada has a national leader experienced in caring for the triggered. Justin Trudeau is a former drama teacher. No one knows drama and triggering like a drama teacher.

And right now no one knows more about being triggered than those who are With Her. If you were With Her know that Justin, and Canada, are there for you.

All across the United States triggered social justice warriors are in pain. They are emotionally devastated. A trauma worse than being raped. A trauma worse than being denied a free abortion. A trauma worse than not getting child support from a man who isn't even the father of her child.

  1. Donald Trump is a white man.
  2. Adolf Hitler was a white man.
  3. Donald Trump is literally Hitler.

Trump has literally raped every social justice warrior in the United States. Now he is going to start building concentration camps and killing them.

Wow! Just Wow!

January 20th, 2017 is our deadline.
On the day Trump takes office he is going to build a wall between the United States and Canada. Trump has declared The Northern Wall will be complete by 3pm EST on January 20th, 2017. At that time the systematic extermination of social justice warriors will begin.
Trump has vowed to personally ass rape every social justice warrior to death.
Computer models suggest that all social justice warriors in the United States could be dead by 7:42 EST on January 20th, 2017.

Social justice warriors have only a limited time to flee to Canada. But many social justice warriors can't find Canada on a map despite 12 years of public education and 4 or more years of liberal arts education. Even if they can find Canada almost none of them can afford to imigrate to Canada.

They have student loans, credit card bills, all the money they owe their parents, and they have to save up for the latest iPhone so they can think differently.
Without your help social justice warriors could go extinct.

It's not only social justice warriors that are in danger.

It's your co-workers, friends, and even your family.

There were so many who said “If Trump wins I'm going to move to Canada.”

And those people are still here.

It's up to us to make sure they get out.

But what can you do?

With your money and compassion we can work together to get Commies To Canada before it's too late.

First! Raise Awareness!
We have to let people know it's not too late. Please use the hashtag #Com2Can to let everyone on social media know you are joining the battle against Donald Trump to save social justice warriors.

Second! Unfriend, Block, and Report!
Unfriend on social media and in real life anyone who doesn't also support the Commies To Canada movement. Block Trump supporters on social media. Report anyone who posts or links to pro-Trump links on the internet. A society that values tolerance and diversity has no place for people who have dissenting opinions. We can not allow social media and the internet to become a haven for hate speech.

Third! Send Money!
Your money can help social justice warriors escape the coming Trumpocracy. Your donation is not tax free. Taxes pay for the economic assistance marginalized peoples need to survive and not paying taxes means you are racist.

Everyone can help!
Everyone can receive an award. Even white men can acknowledge their privilege and join with us to fight for social justice.

Who We Are

Diversity is our strength!

Millennial Diversity Is Our Strenghth

We are concerned citizens with a burning desire to smash the binary and topple the patriarchy. We are the future of America and we reject the racism, sexism and homophobia that has dominated this country and oppressed the disadvantaged peoples.

You can join us in the fight!

Laci Green, Social Justice Sensation

“We are now under total Republican rule. Textbook fascism. Fuck you, white America. Fuck you, you racist, misogynist pieces of shit. G'night.”
Laci Green, Social Justice Sensation

What We Do




  • Protect diversity by forcing conformity.
  • Create and enforce safe spaces.
  • Seek freedom through permission.
  • Censor deviate opinions.
  • Smash the binary.
  • Oppose the patriarchy.
  • Restore freedom one law at a time.

Brave people are speaking out against the Trumpocracy!

Stand with us against hate.

  • Beanie Feldstein

    "This is utterly heartbreaking. @HillaryClinton, I love you. I'm in awe of you. Thank you."

    Beanie Feldstein
  • "It's official. America. What have you done? What have we just become? I can't believe it."

    Ashley Argota
  • "First African American President will be succeeded by a man endorsed by the KKK. Please. Don't say this has nothing to do with race."

    Christopher Gorham
  • "Moving to France, who's down?"

    Cameron Palatas

Choose the level of giving appropriate for you based on your race, gender identity and degree of ableism.

If you identify as a woman there is a special “77 cents” rate for you at most levels.

Donate $0

If you identify as a women you receive 77 cents.

You can give what your college education is worth.

Donate $10

If you identify as a woman donate $7.70.

Ten dollars is more than a beta male is worth to any woman. It's your opportunity to atone for being born a man who isn't man enough to get a sex change operation and take female hormone treatment.

Donate $10,000

If you identify as a woman have a man donate $10,000 for you.

If you spend enough money eventually a woman might have sex with you. Donating at this level multiple times almost guaranties a woman will shake your hand at the end of your first date. Hang in there White Knight! You might get laid one day!

Vote Democrat in every election.

If you identify as a black woman or if you are dead vote Democrat twice in every election.

The KKK was founded by the Democrat party but don't let that stop you from voting Democrat. You have a right to vote Democrat.

Donate a pint of blood.

If you identify as a woman receive a box of tampons to compensate for the Pink Tax.

This is your opportunity to atone for slavery. You have never owned any slaves but your white skin makes you guilty. If you don't have guilt because you are white that makes you racist, sexist and homophobic. You probably voted for Trump. If you are a Trump supporter we aren't going to be your friends any more.

Donate a blank check.

If you identify as a woman you are gender-fluidphobic.

You don't know what you are. You could be anything. You don't know how much you will donate. You could donate any amount. We will fill in the check amount based on how we feel that day.

Donate your airline frequent flier miles to help commies get to Canada.

If you identify as a divorced woman donate your ex-husbands frequent flier miles.

We have to get disadvantaged peoples out of the United States as quickly as possible. Trump could come for them at any moment. The vast efficiency of the major airlines coupled with the gun free zone enforced by the valiant TSA make air travel the safest and fastest way to get commies to Canada.

Donate $25,000.

If you identify as a woman donate $19,250.

This level is for those who want to make a big impact. Instead of sending all the commies in California to Canada we can dream big. With your help we can make California another Canada. You funds will go towards building a wall between California and the United States to keep all the Republicans out. California should be it's own country. Let's work together to make the dream a reality and create a brand new safe space.

Special donation level!

At some point Canadian citizens might get the idea they don't want any more commies in their country and attempt to restrict immigration. We need to make sure the politicians of Canada are on the side of social justice and not on the side of the people who elected them and pay taxes in Canada.

This donation level is for those enlightened peoples who value social justice more than their own children.

Send us photos of your underage children; naked and in sexual situations. By providing these to the Canadian politicians we will earn their favour and make sure they keep the boarders open in return for an ongoing influx of child pornography.

Remember that child pornography is just like education. The younger you start them – the better.

“There is not gonna be a President Donald Trump. It’s not gonna happen.”

Donate everything you have.

If you identify as a woman donate your children's futures.

Are you a looney like Clooney? Put your money where your mouth is just like Clooney did. We have set up a very special fund to help celebrities go to Canada. Even if they don't want to.

Our list of future Canadian citizens includes:

  • George Clooney
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Lena Dunham
  • Neve Campbell
  • Cher
  • Bryan Cranston
  • Stephen King
  • Amy Schumer
  • Chelsea Handler
  • Raven-Symoné
  • Whoopi Goldberg
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • George Lopez
  • Al Sharpton
  • Jon Stewart
  • Eddie Griffin
  • Bryan Cranston
  • Barbara Streisand
  • Ne-Yo
  • Keegan-Michael

We are going to send all these social justice warriors to Canada for their own good.

This donation level is reserved exclusively for Shitlords who feel remorse at having voting for Trump and desire to make amends for being racist, sexist and homophobic.

Donate any amount in $20 increments.

If you identify as a woman why do you have money, where did you get those shoes and why aren't you in the kitchen making a pie.

Send any amount of money but it has to be in cash. Twenty dollar bills. But not just any twenty dollar bills. It has to be the new twenty dollar bills with a woman on them. No one else is going to want them since they will only be worth $15.40.

What if you spent all your parent's money on Apple products and can't afford to give money?

What if you are too fat to leave your parent's basement to join the movement in person?

You can still help by raising awareness.

Use the hashtag #Com2Can on the social media of your choice. Link to this site and tell all your friends about it. Bring up the evils of Trump in every conversation you have. No matter if you are talking to people on the internet or in real life always tell them how much you oppose Trump and support freedom. Never stop talking about how evil Trump is and how much you hate him.

Hating Trump is the most important thing you can do with your life.
Don't ever stop!
Don't let the patriarchy oppress you and silence your voice!